Lion of Karawang Bekasi

Lion of Karawang Bekasi

Set during the war between Dutch/Allied troops and the people of Cibening Cakung in 1945, the story begins when a young man captures 22 Indian soldiers and four British crew members who land on Rawa Gatel. Based on real events, the factual protagonists are KH Noer Ali, leader of Laskar Hizbullah, who is also an ulama (religious leader) who founded the Islamic boarding school; Luke Kustaryo from the Indonesian People's Army; Bang Jole, a local fighter; and Hussein Kamali, an intellectual. Among the fictional characters are H Komar and his wife, who are executed by the Dutch, in front of their children. Then there are also Mahfud and Hafid, members of Hizbullah, who are opponents but who reconcile when they are about to die.

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Country: Indonesia

Language: Bahasa indonesia

Studio: Prasidi Grup, PT Putri Karang Setia Cinema Production

Runtime: 101 minutes

Quality: HD

Released: Aug 21, 2003

IMDb: 10